Respect for property rights

Respect for Intellectual Property Rights

In its business activities, Wacoal is always mindful of protecting its intellectual property rights while respecting those of others. In business, exercising such intellectual property rights* as patents rights, design rights, trademark rights prevents imitation by other companies and builds the advantage and brand value of our products. Meanwhile, we believe it is important not to infringe upon the rights of others.

* Intellectual property rights is a general term referring to rights to protect the results of intellectual creative activities or trust earned through operations. Representative intellectual property rights are industrial property rights (patents rights, design rights, trademark rights, and utility model rights) and copyrights.

Promotion Department (Intellectual Property Division)

The fundamental reasons customers choose our products and business partners endorse us are the original inventions, development capabilities, and designs our creative activities produce. These factors heighten the trust placed in Wacoal (as a brand).

To heighten brand value and facilitate the implementation of business management strategies, the Intellectual Property Division focuses on

  • Carrying out the basic duties related to intellectual properties (preventing the infringement of others' rights, conducting in-depth investigations),
  • Supporting development (measures to support the production of new inventions and creations), and
  • Establishing countermeasures for counterfeit products and infringements (removal of items damaging brands or development results).

Intellectual Property Education

We conduct education about copyrights through intellectual property seminars and e-learning to promote the creation of a corporate culture that emphasizes intellectual properties. Moreover, through our in-house intranet we release and share information about intellectual properties.