Business Field

Our corporate group consists of one holding company (Wacoal Holdings Corp.), 56 subsidiaries, and 7 affiliates, and is principally engaged in the manufacturing and wholesale distribution of innerwear (primarily women’s foundation wear, lingerie, nightwear, and children’s underwear), outerwear, sportswear, and other textile goods and related products, as well as the direct sale of certain products to consumers. Our corporate group also conducts business in the restaurant, culture, service, and interior design businesses.

Wacoal Business (Domestic)

Mainly operations of Wacoal Corp.

Wacoal Business (Domestic) is composed of Wacoal Holdings Corp. and other subsidiaries (apparel manufacturing companies, sales companies).

Wacoal Corp.

Wacoal Corp. engages in the planning and designing of the above-mentioned products, procurement of materials for the above-mentioned products, commercialization of semifinished products purchased from sewing companies in Japan and overseas and other business associates after inspection, and distribution to end consumers through department stores, general merchandisers, and other general retailers in Japan, as well as directly managed retail stores, E-commerce(EC) websites and distributors in Japan and overseas.

Apparel Manufacturing Companies;

The apparel manufacturing companies receive a supply of raw materials from Wacoal Corp., conduct sewing and processing of innerwear and sportswear, and deliver the semi-finished products to Wacoal Corp.

Sales Companies;

Sales companies include Une Nana Cool Corp., which conducts retail sales of innerwear and outerwear.


Wacoal Business (Overseas)

Wacoal Business (Overseas) is composed of subsidiaries located in North and Central America, Europe, and Asia and Oceania.

This segment is composed of 37 companies, including our overseas subsidiaries and affiliates. Among our 31 overseas subsidiaries, 9 companies are located in North and Central America; 6 companies are located in Europe; and 16 companies are located in Asia/Oceania. 6 overseas affiliates are located in Asia.

North and Central America

Among our 9 overseas subsidiaries in North and Central America, Wacoal Dominicana Corp., an apparel manufacturing company of innerwear products, ships its products to WACOAL AMERICA, INC., a manufacturing and sales company, which supplies these products to end consumers through local department stores, specialty retail stores and EC websites. In addition, Eveden Inc., a sales company, distributes innerwear products, which are mainly supplied from Wacoal Lanka(Private) Limited and WACOAL EMEA LTD.

Investment in affiliates

  • Wacoal International Corp.

Manufacturing and Sales Companies

Sales Companies

Apparel Manufacturing Companies

  • Wacoal Dominicana Corp.


WACOAL EMEA LTD., a European subsidiary, distributes products to end consumers through department stores and specialty retail stores mainly in the United Kingdom.

Investment in affiliates

Manufacturing and Sales Companies

  • Wacoal EMEA Ltd.

Sales Companies

  • Wacoal Europe SAS
  • Adden Limited

investment companies

  • Wacoal Venture Ltd.


  • Wacoal Netherlands B.V.(Logistics)


Our subsidiaries and affiliates in Asia and Oceania are manufacturing and sales companies, which distribute products to end-consumers through their local department stores and specialty retail stores, and also distribute a part of their products to Wacoal Corp. and sales companies in Asia.

manufacturing and sales companies(subsidiaries)

manufacturing and sales companies(affiliates)

Our sales companies include subsidiaries, including Wacoal Singapore Private Ltd. and Eveden Israel Ltd, and affiliates. These sales companies distribute innerwear products, which are mainly supplied from the group companies, to their local department stores, specialty retail stores, and directly managed retail stores.

sales companies (subsidiaries)

sales companies(affiliates)

Our remaining subsidiaries include apparel manufacturing companies producing innerwear, raw materials manufacturing companies, and a company that procures materials for subsidiaries and affiliates in Asia. Additionally, Wacoal Investment Co., Ltd. invests in local subsidiaries and affiliates that manufacture and sell innerwear.

Apparel Manufacturing Companies

  • Guangdong Wacoal Inc.
  • Dalian Wacoal Co., Ltd.
  • Wacoal Lanka(Private) Limited
  • Myanmar Wacoal Company Limited

Raw Materials Manufacturing Companies

  • A Tech Textile Co., Ltd.
  • G Tech Material Co., Ltd.

Company that procures of products and raw material

  • Wacoal International Hong Kong Co., Ltd.

investment companies

  • Wacoal Investment Co., Ltd.

Peach John Business (became subsidiary in 2008)

Both the domestic and overseas subsidiaries within our Peach John business are sales companies, and Peach John Co., Ltd. primarily retails products from their own suppliers outside of the group.

Domestic Subsidiaries


Mainly operations of Nanasai Co., Ltd. (became subsidiary in 1987), Lecien Corporation (became subsidiary in 2009)

Nanasai Co., Ltd. engages in the manufacture and sale of mannequins and fixtures, and interior design work. Lecien Corporation engages in the manufacture and wholesale distribution of women’s innerwear and clothing, lace, thread, and fabrics for handicrafts and Ai Co., Ltd. conducts retail sales of swimsuits. We also engage in other textile-related businesses, the real estate leasing business, and other businesses. Our overseas subsidiaries located in the Asian region are engaged in the manufacture and sale of mannequins and fixtures, interior design work, and other textile-related businesses.

Domestic Subsidiaries

Overseas Subsidiaries

  • Zhe Jiang Jiaxing Lecien Co.,Ltd
  • Lecien (Vietnam) Co.,Ltd.
  • Lecien(Cambodia)Co.,Ltd
  • Shanghai Lecien Co.,Ltd

Domestic Affiliate