To achieve further growth, Wacoal Corp. is developing and advancing a customer experience strategy, which increases lifetime value by utilizing digital technologies to build deeper, broader, and longer relationships between customers and Wacoal Corp. In fiscal 2022, we completed the integration of customer data that had been held separately by respective sales channels. As a result, we now have a more accurate understanding than ever before of customer psychology and behavior as they pertain to which customers find value in which Wacoal products, brands, and services as well as where purchases are made. Moreover, we can now provide information on our products, brands, and services based on the characteristics of each individual customer. By utilizing the aforementioned customer data and digital technologies, we are reconstructing our entire value chain—from product development through to sales—from the customer’s perspective, thereby enhancing customer experience value and our relationships with our customers. In this way, we will increase lifetime value by attracting new customers and heightening the loyalty of existing customers.

An example of DX initiatives

DX Promotion Structure

Under a Group-wide structure led by the person in charge of Corporate Officer Group DX Promotion, who acts as the leader, our Group has established a structure to promote and lead the execution of our digital transformation (DX) strategies.

Initiatives to Build a Customer-Focused Value Chain

Customer Service

3D smart & try is a new service that narrows down Wacoal’s extensive range of bras and suggests the optimum product according to size, body shape, concerns, preferred designs, silhouette, and other factors while providing a stress-free measuring experience to customers who are reluctant to have staff serve them by utilizing digital technology in the form of Wacoal’s own 3D measurement service developed in-house and customer service artificial intelligence (AI). Leveraging this service, Wacoal will create an environment that allows us to be close to and connect deeply, broadly, and over the long term with each individual customer, and will look to enhance the company’s competitive advantage.

“Our AI-Enabled Customer Service”

The stress of choosing a brassiere is diminished significantly, and customers experience a new way of purchasing brassieres.

  • Includes a large amount of product information and has learned the beauty advisor customer service techniques that Wacoal has accumulated to date
  • Recommends products based on size and physique characteristics that have been identified by the 3D body scanner
  • Enables the filtering of products to reflect each customer’s concerns or design or silhouette preferences
  • Facilitates objective checking of changes in physique silhouette by enabling the comparison of

“Our Leading-Edge 3D Body Scanner”

As customers can take measurements themselves, the scanner allows those who would prefer not to interact with store personnel to visit stores and determine their sizes without any anxiety.

  • Measure body size and determine body type characteristics in just three seconds
  • Enables the selection of the optimal brassiere size for each person by measuring not only the circumference but also the volume of the bust

The 3D smart & try Measurement Process

1. Measurement using the 3D body scanner

Customers carry out the measurement themselves in a private room. They put on a special bra, and follow on-screen directions to perform measurement.

2. Customers can check their data in the measurement room after they have been measured, and some of the data can be output in the form of a receipt.

The data obtained can be viewed on the monitor of a 3D body scanner, and some of the data can be printed onto a receipt and taken home. Everything from measurement to viewing the data takes place within the 3D measurement room.
If customers would like to receive service or if they have any questions, they can fill out a request sheet and hand it to a beauty advisor to receive counseling.

3. AI-enabled recommendation of optimal products based on the 3D measurement data

And by selecting their preferences and concerns on a tablet when they receive counseling from a beauty advisor, AI suggests the optimum product on the basis of the measurement data.

Each customer will be enabled to buy the best product for them from channels that fit their daily life environment, such as stores other than the one where they were measured or from websites. Going forward, we will also link this with our personalization app with the aim of providing an even closer service.

Certified as a DX Certified Business Operator under the DX Certification System established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.

On May 1st, 2022, Wacoal Holdings Corp. was certified as a DX Certified Business Operator under the DX Certification System established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.