Human Rights

Based on its management philosophy, Wacoal has put mutual trust and respect for people at the center of business management since its establishment. Believing respect for people to be a corporate responsibility, Wacoal shall further its basic understanding of human rights with respect to the right to live freely and with dignity and reflect this understanding in its business activities. Accordingly, Wacoal shall respect individuals' diverse values, personalities, and privacy. Furthermore, Wacoal shall prevent acts that disregard human rights, including discriminatory language or behavior with respect to race, religion, gender, nationality, physical or mental disabilities, or age; violent behavior; sexual harassment or authority-based harassment; and child labor or forced labor.

The Wacoal Conduct Code states the following policies in relation to human rights.

  • Protect human rights, respect individuals
  • Maintain safe, hygienic, and comfortable workplaces
  • Plan, research and develop, manufacture, and sell safe products

Respect for the Individual

The Wacoal Group emphasizes respect for the individual. We regard the various abilities and diversity of our employees as one of our greatest assets, and aim to create an organization consisting of people with a spirit of self-reliance and true humanity.

Prohibition of Workplace Discrimination

Wacoal's Action Agenda explicitly prohibits workplace discrimination. Every individual must be treated fairly at work. We will not engage in or support unlawful discrimination on the grounds of nationality, race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, ancestry, national origin, intellectual or physical disability, health problem, or position within the company. Violators will be severely penalized.

Efforts to Prevent Sexual Harassment and Power Harassment

  • The Wacoal Group strongly expects and encourages every employee to be a person who is trusted by society, as well as by other members of the Company, in the Philosophy of mutual trust. We inform our employees of our basic policy and efforts regarding individual human rights and have established a system to prevent and eliminate sexual and power harassment in the workplace.
  • We understand that sexual harassment and power harassment are socially prohibited behaviors that seriously stain the honor and dignity of each individual. We also recognize them as serious problems that prevent our employees from effectively displaying their abilities, hinder our company from maintaining order in the workplace and conducting business operations, and lead to loss of confidence in the Company.
  • In addition to the stipulation of prohibited activities and the setting of goals to be achieved, we pay due consideration to the privacy of those who blow the whistle and those who seek consultation so that they will not be treated unfavorably.
  • Every business site provides a consultation service, including a hotline, allowing employees to feel free to file a complaint or seek advice. The privacy of such employees is strictly maintained, and rapid and appropriate action is taken to solve individual problems. For sexual harassment, a separate hotline is set up.
  • Persons in charge of the consultation/complaints desk in the Personnel Department participate in training seminars held by external organizations to help improve measures against sexual and power harassment.
  • Education has been provided to those in managerial posts to enhance their awareness of and prevent sexual and power harassment.
  • A notice regarding our system to prevent sexual and power harassment is made twice a year on the Intranet, to promote employees' awareness of such harassment in the workplace.

Safe Products (consumer rights)

As a matter of course, Wacoal has a responsibility to provide products with high levels of safety from the customer's point of view. Therefore, we respect the human rights of consumers, emphasize safety and reliability, and take care to treat customers in a manner that builds trust.

Protect Personal Information

We believe that the appropriate use and protection of personal information is our social responsibility, and stipulate the following personal information policy and work for thorough compliance therewith.

  • In light of the importance of protecting personal information, we have built an information security organization, established privacy policy and related regulations, and provided our employees with education and training to ensure appropriate handling and management of personal information.
  • We have consolidated systems for checking the management of personal information and responding to inquiries from customers about their private information.
  • We ask our business partners, suppliers and subcontractors that need to handle the personal information we have obtained to achieve the same level of information security.