Wacoal shall promote environment-friendly business activities reflecting the view that protecting the environment is a corporate responsibility. Wacoal shall provide products that place little burden on the environment and prevent pollution by pursuing environment-friendly initiatives in a variety of processes related to products, from design and materials development through to manufacturing, distribution, and sales.

Environmental Policy and Targets

Wacoal will promote the conservation of the planetary environment, in line with a spirit of "mutual trust" for harmony with the society and our motto :
"Promise of Environmental Preservation for Next Generations, Their Smiles, and Beautiful Earth".

Environmental Management Structure

To promote efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities, we have established the "Subcommittee for Carbon Neutral" and the "Subcommittee for Resource Circulation".

Response to Climate Change

Climate change, which has a significant impact on the earth and our business activities, presents both risks to the Wacoal Group’s management and opportunities to acquire new business.

Consumer- and Environment-Friendly Business Activities

We at the Wacoal Group continue to manufacture products in a way that will earn the appreciation of consumers for many years to come while engaging in business activities that respect the environment based on our belief that it is our duty to protect the global environment.