Dividend and Share Repurchase

Basic policy

Our basic policy on profit distribution to shareholders is to make stable distributions based on consideration of our consolidated performance, while seeking to increase our enterprise value through active investment aimed at higher profitability and to increase net income per share.

Dividend information

Our basic policy is to distribute earnings twice a year in the form of interim and year-end dividends and the Board of Directors is the decision-making body for distribution of earnings.
Regarding the annual dividend for the fiscal year ending March 2023, we plan to pay an interim dividend of 40 yen per share, a year-end dividend of 40 yen per share, and an annual dividend of 80 yen.

Fixed Date of Dividend Payout and Starting Date of Payout

Interim dividend Year-end Dividend
Record date September 30 March 31
Payable date December June

Cash Dividends per Share (yen)

Share Repurchase

Repurchase period Method of acquisition Total number of shares repurchased Total amount
From December 1, 2021
through Feburuary 17, 2022
Market purchase
1,000,000 shares 2,088,056,600 yen
From February 3, 2020
through March 26, 2020
Market purchase
969,500 shares 2,743,744,700 yen
From May 16, 2019
through December 31, 2019
Market purchase
1,828,000 shares 4,999,832,200 yen
From May 21, 2018
through December 31, 2018
Market purchase
2,200,000 shares 6,918,217,200 yen
From May 15, 2017
through December 31, 2017
Market purchase 1,240,700 shares 3,998,101,500 yen
From February 1, 2017
through February 28, 2017
Market purchase
1,400,000 shares* 1,974,036,000 yen

*The Company conducted a share consolidation of its common stock pursuant to which two shares were consolidated into one share effective as of October 1, 2017. However, this effect has not been taken into account.