CSR procurement based on mutual trust and cooperation

The Wacoal Group engages in responsible procurement with its business partners around the world with the aim of ful‑lling its social responsibilities throughout the entire supply chain. Realizing the importance of meeting the expectations of society, establishing mutual trust, and working in unison, we believe that promoting CSR procurement together with our contract manufacturers will maximize the interests of all of our partners along the supply chain and contribute to the sustainable growth of all parties. As such, we will continue to engage proactively in this area going forward.

Wacoal Group CSR Procurement Guidelines

Our company enacted "Wacoal Group CSR Procurement Guidelines," stipulating that our corporate group's shared policy for procurement is to proceed with transactions based on the trusting relationship and cooperation with manufacturing outsourcees that put importance on social requirements, such as human rights, working practices, the environment, and ethics.

System for promoting CSR procurement

In order to achieve more practical CSR procurement, we established the "Subcommittee for CSR Procurement"

Monitoring System

We operate a series of cycles, starting with monitoring based on the self-evaluation of outsourcees and the feedback of analysis/evaluation, correction/improvement plans, and follow-up measures

Monitoring Results and Action Plans

We monitor the results of self-assessments that are conducted every two years. Additionally, we also disclose plans for future initiatives.

Disclosure of the basic information on factories entrusted with the manufacturing of our products

We disclose basic information of outsourcees to all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, investors, and society, and increase the transparency of our supply chain.