CSR procurement based on mutual trust and cooperation

In order to deliver products of the highest quality that will be enjoyed by customers, our company enlists cooperation from not only the manufacturing outsourcees that share our ethos and visions within our corporate group, but also business partners that produce raw materials and products. Accordingly, in order for our company to fulfill our social responsibility in every aspect of business activities, we need to foster close partnership with all business partners involved in the production of our products, and observe and respect social requirements, such as "human rights," "working practices," "the environment," and "ethics," in addition to "quality," "prices," and "deadlines," together with the business partners. We will continue proactive efforts, while believing that we will be able to maximize the common interests of manufacturing outsourcees and our company and contribute to the sustainable growth of both parties, by living up to social expectations, and promoting the CSR procurement together with manufacturing outsourcees based on the policies of mutual trust and cooperation.

Wacoal Group CSR Procurement Guidelines

Our company enacted "Wacoal Group CSR Procurement Guidelines," stipulating that our corporate group's shared policy for procurement is to proceed with transactions based on the trusting relationship and cooperation with manufacturing outsourcees that put importance on social requirements, such as human rights, working practices, the environment, and ethics.

System for promoting CSR procurement

In order to achieve more practical CSR procurement, we established the "Subcommittee for CSR Procurement"

System for grasping situations appropriately and conducting correction and improvement continuously(Monitoring System)

We operate a series of cycles, starting with monitoring based on the self-evaluation of outsourcees and the feedback of analysis/evaluation, correction/improvement plans, and follow-up measures

Disclosure of the basic information on factories entrusted with the manufacturing of our products

We disclose basic information of outsourcees to all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, investors, and society, and increase the transparency of our supply chain.