System for promoting CSR procurement, Monitoring System

System for promoting CSR procurement

The Representative Director, President and CEO (Group CEO) is responsible for the Board of Directors and the Group Management Committee, which is the highest decision-making body at the business operations level, and chaiers the Sustainability Committee, which is responsible for developing an overall plan for sustainability activities and monitoring their progress. The Subcommittee for CSR Procurement, a subordinate body of the Sustainability Committee, formulates an overall plan related to CSR procurement, monitors progress, coordinates across the Group, and provides education, guidance, and support.

Monitoring System(System for grasping situations appropriately and conducting correction and improvement continuously)

In February 2018, we initiated a project for grasping situations appropriately and carrying out correction and improvement continuously, with a series of functions, including the monitoring of compliance with "Wacoal Group CSR Procurement Guidelines" through self-evaluation of outsourcees, the feedback of analysis/evaluation, correction/improvement plans, and follow-up measures. If any problem is found, we will design improvement measures with manufacturing outsourcees, and conduct continuous support.