The Wacoal Group has prepared the "Wacoal Code of Ethics" and the "Corporate Ethics: Wacoal's Code of Conduct" and continues to develop its system for compliance advancement. We have taken these steps to ensure executives and other employees perform their duties pursuant to laws, statutory regulations, and our articles of incorporation and in accordance with sound societal norms. Moreover, we aim to ensure adherence with the Group's compliance policy, which the Corporate Ethics and Risk Management Committee of Wacoal Holdings prepared.

Compliance Policy and Advancement System

Introducing the Wacoal Group's Compliance Policy and Advancement System.

The "Wacoal Code of Ethics"

For executives and other employees of the Wacoal Group worldwide, this sets out a common code of behavior they must follow and covers such areas as sincere and ethical behavior, compliance with laws and statutory regulations, and disclosure.

"Corporate Ethics: Wacoal's Code of Conduct"

The ensure the "Wacoal Code of Ethics" is put into practice, the "Corporate Ethics: Wacoal's Code of Conduct" states more specifically how each Wacoal executive and employee should behave. As a supplement to make the "Corporate Ethics: Wacoal's Code of Conduct" effective in areas requiring more applied and specialized knowledge, we have prepared a Specialized Manual.

Wacoal Group Tax Code of Conduct

In conducting business globally, the Wacoal Group pays applicable taxes in each country and region where it operates. In addition to contributing to the economic and social development of these countries/regions, we also believe it contributes to the expansion of the market for the Group’s products and services.

Establishment of Contact for Whistle-blowers (corporate ethics hotline and in-house whistle-blower system)

We have established a corporate ethics hotline at Group companies and outside law firm office. Through this system, we manage risk within the Wacoal Group rigorously and encourage self-reform.

In-House Training System

Aiming to promote compliance, we organize a variety of training programs tasked with heightening awareness.