"VISION 2030", our medium- to long-term management strategy framework

Business Policy

Wacoal Group is developing inner wear businesses largely in Japan, the US, Europe, China, and Southeast Asia with “Our Mission” and “Founding Principles”—which we have carried on during our over 70 years of business—as our foundation. We see our future “opportunities for growth” as the times that each company within our business takes on increasingly complex and diverse social issues, and through our business, we will promote “sustainability management” (which aims to strike a balance between solving social issues and sustainable growth) in order to improve our corporate value.
Additionally, our business activities are built upon “relationships founded in mutual trust,” which are based on our listening to the voice of each and every one of our customers, and continuously transforming our business with a sense of humility. We aim to become a necessary part of society by continuing to work on enhancing the transparency of our corporate management and ensuring their fairness and independence in order to build mutual trust in relationships with every stakeholder—including shareholders, customers, employees, business partners and the local community.

"VISION 2030", our medium- to long-term management strategy framework

"VISION 2030" contains what we need to work toward for 2030 in order to evolve as a company that our customers and society need, and to achieve ““Our Mission.” We formulated "VISION 2030" by backcasting from long-term macro trends while also focusing on our own business challenges, our customers' values, and societal and environmental changes. It consists of Material issues, Guidelines for the Actions of Officers and Employees, and a management strategy, all for our group's business activities.

What We Aim For in "VISION 2030"

“to evolve and grow as "Global Wacoal Group" by providing both physical and emotional beauty and richness to individuals through high sensitivity and premium quality”

The "Global Wacoal Group"

  • All stakeholders have a high level of trust in the group's products, services, and initiatives relating to social issues
  • We develop on a global scale with a competitive edge by making full use of the group's human resources, assets, know-how, and networks
  • We continue creating new customer experiences with our innovative, high-quality products and services, and thus continue enriching and beautifying the lives of our customers around the world
  • Our employees all around the world understand the group's goals and mission and work to make them a reality without being bound by conventional thinking or the past