Engagement with Stakeholders

Engagement with stakeholders

We believe that constructive dialogue to enhance corporate value is important to deepen mutual trust with all stakeholders.

Main contact opportunities and tools with stakeholders

Customers Beauty advisors (sales staff), reception desks such as the Customer Center, commercials such as TV, SNS, websites, catalogs of products and services, PR events
Business Partners Business opportunities, exhibitions, factory tours
Employees and their families Labor-management council, training, "hotline", intranet, in-house newsletter
Local Communities Social Contribution Activities, Museum in Head Office
Governments Various reports, opinion exchange meeting
NPOs and NGOs Collaboration and cooperation to resolve regional issues, opinion exchange meetings, consumer education
Shareholders and Investors Issuance of various reports (securities reports, integrated reports, etc.), briefings, websites, etc.

In addition, we strive to communicate the Group's ESG activities to shareholders and investors at briefings for individual investors and IR activities.

Policy for Dialogue with Shareholders / Investor

  • Respondents to dialogue with shareholders and investors
    ・A specialized department (hereafter, referred to as the "IR Department") will be established to plan and implement activities for dialogue with shareholders and investors, and Representative Director, Vice President and Executive Officer and CFO will supervise it.
    ・Carrying out interviews with shareholders and investors is not only the responsibility of the IR Department. Directors including External Directors, or Auditor & Supervisory Board Members will also be responsible, as necessary, in response to dialogue requests and subjects.
  • Internal cooperation
    ・In order to facilitate a smooth and rational dialogue with shareholders and investors, the IR Department will exchange opinions and share information with the Business Department and Management Department as necessary and will go ahead with the response.
  • Initiatives to enhance the means of dialogue
    ・In addition to the General Meeting of Shareholders and individual interviews, dialogue will be held through briefing sessions for the medium-term management plan, financial results, and individual business, and seminars for individual investors. We will encourage shareholders and investors to deepen their understanding of our management and financial strategies, corporate governance, and response to environmental and social issues.
    ・We will establish an environment in which all shareholders can exercise their rights appropriately. We will achieve this by creating an English translation of the Convocation Notice of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders, and enabling the use of the platform for exercising voting rights by electronic means.
  • Reports to the Board of Directors, etc.
    ・The IR Department will report any opinions or doubts obtained through dialogue with shareholders and investors to the directors including External Directors, Audit & Supervisory Board Members, and business department heads, on a quarterly basis, and discuss the management implications.
  • Management of insider information, etc.
    ・In dialogue with shareholders and investors, we will strictly manage important information in accordance with the "Basic Policy on Information Disclosure" prescribed separately so that important information is not disclosed to specific individuals on a selective basis.
    ・In order to prevent the disclosure of account information from being published and to ensure fairness, the "silence period" is set to have people refrain from dialogue on account information from the next day after the end of the fiscal year until the financial results announcement is completed.
  • Understanding shareholders composition
    ・As a general rule, we will understand the composition of the shareholders on the shareholders register twice a year, and will conduct a survey of shareholders who actually hold the Company's shares at the end of the fiscal year in order to plan IR activities.

Investor Relations Activities

The following investor relations activities were conducted in FY2023.

Activity Frequency Details
Japan Results briefings 4 times Quarterly results briefings (held in Tokyo, Online)
Individual meetings with institutional investors and analysts 128 times (companies in total) Interviews with the investor relations manager (including interviews with the president and representative director and directors)
Business briefings (small meetings) 2 times Briefings by the president and representative director
Conferences Once Interviews with the president and representative director
Seminars for individual investors Once Hybrid Seminars conducted by the Representative Director, Vice President (held in Tokyo, Online)
In-house Feedback Provided each time that meetings for investors are held after quarterly results briefings Report on the activities of the investor relations manager (Targets: the president and representative director, directors, managers of operating companies, external Audit & Supervisory Board members, etc.)
Integrated report seminar 4 times (389 people) Briefing by general manager (target person:employee)