System for promoting Sustainability

In April 2022, The Wacoal Group established the Sustainability Committee to promote sustainability management and achieve both "solving social issues" and "corporate growth" through business. The Sustainability Committee regularly meets on the same day as the board of directors, and formulates concrete measures to address sustainability issues, monitors progress, and evaluates achievements. The Board of Directors receives reports from the Sustainability Committee and gives instructions regarding the Group's policies and initiatives to respond to sustainability issues.
The Representative Director, President and CEO (Group CEO) is responsible for the Board of Directors and the Group Management Meeting, the highest decision-making body at the business execution level, and chaiers the Sustainability Committee.

Subcommittee for Carbon Neutral

In order to reduce the environmental impact and environmental risk of Wacoal Group's business activities and to promote voluntary and active environmental preservation activities, it will deliberate on activity policies and initiatives related to environmental issues, such as climate change measures and reducing the environmental load of back offices, and strategic investment projects related to environmental preservation, and monitor progress.

Subcommittee for Resource Circulation

In order to promote sustainable use of resources and materials in the supply chain, resource conservation measures, and waste reduction and recycling, and thereby achieve a resource circulation society, it will deliberate on procurement policies and quality standards for environmentally-friendly materials, and monitor the progress of waste reduction in production and procurement activities.

Subcommittee for CSR Procurement

Being responsible for formulating and checking the progress of Wacoal Group's CSR procurement plans, it will accurately grasp the status of compliance with the Wacoal Group CSR Procurement Guidelines and lead the initiatives to make corrections and improvements continuously, by operating a cycle from monitoring manufacturing contractors and raw material suppliers through self-evaluation, etc., analysis and evaluation feedback, correction and improvement plans, to follow-ups.

Subcommittee for Human Rights, D&I

In order to ensure that the obligations of respecting human rights under the Human Rights Policy is fulfilled and the duties are properly carried out, it will provide educational activities related to the protection of human rights and advice and recommendations on implementing human rights due diligence. In addition, it will implement various measures, including holding internal seminars, in order to create a workplace environment that can accommodate diverse employees and maximize their individual abilities.