Contribute to society by helping everyone to express their beauty

Our company celebrated its 70th anniversary on November 1, 2019. We were only able to continue our business for as long as 70 years since the company was founded in 1949 thanks to your warm support and patronage. So, allow me to express my sincerest gratitude.
The founder, Koichi Tsukamoto, raised the grand goal of “Global Wacoal” when he had just established the company. He had announced that it would be a company contributing to the beauty of women around the world. This management goal called “decade-by-decade 50-year plan” sets one milestone every 10 years and covers 5 milestones and 50 years, which is an enormously long-term plan. Our company has walked down the path from “developing the domestic market,” the first milestone (during the 1950s), to “Global Wacoal,” the 5th milestone (during the 1990s). In 1970, we managed to expand in South Korea, Thailand, and Taiwan. After that, we set the cornerstone for “Global Wacoal” by operating community-based unique business in foreign markets, such as entering the U.S. markets in the 80s.
Currently, the wave of advancements in IT and the digital fields, which is called the fourth industrial revolution, is hitting us hard. The generation that supports consumption changed and the values regarding consumption have substantially changed. In order for our company to achieve sustainable growth, we must push the innovation forward dynamically at an even greater speed.
In order to become a global company that is expected to continue to exist even after 100 years, we will diligently work to increase the corporate value by continuing to have ambition without fear of failure and have modesty without contenting with the past successes, and then contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

April 2020
Yoshikata Tsukamoto,
Chairman and Representative Director
Wacoal Holdings Corp.
Yoshikata Tsukamoto

Continually strive to make the company “Global Wacoal”, and pursue sustainable growth based on the creation of both economic and social value

When the company marked its 70th anniversary, it redefined its target profile of “Global Wacoal” and announced it.
It defined the “Global Wacoal” ideal state and mission as leading the industry of innerwear culture more actively, through developing and providing pioneering products in order to meet the needs of the diversified customers who have different values, contributing to solving social problems with our core business and achieving a sustainable society.

In order to help everyone to express their beauty, our company always aspires to develop new products that capture the “beauty” sought after in each age and put passion in making those products so that they’re appreciated by many customers for a long time. Regardless of the times, we have been always providing quality products that foster long-term customer loyalty. However, it is important to make our manufacturing more sophisticated, especially now that the generation that supports consumption changed and values regarding consumption have substantially shifted. In order to become a global company that is expected to continue to exist even after 100 years, we will sincerely listen to each one of our diversified customers with different values to make innovation from the standpoint of consumers and achieve growth.

Moreover, our company’s business is also concerned with making women express their beauty and live with vitality in the society; in the future, we would like to be a company that is “valuable” to women and solves problems related to “beauty,” “comfort,” and “health” through our core business. Wacoal has its own network and it has established a value chain for processes starting from product planning and development, through material procurement, production, to sales, but we believe that the most important management resource that supports value creation is “people.” While we make progress in providing a good working environment and job satisfaction for employees, we will closely coordinate with suppliers and business partners to ensure adherence to and respect for social norms related to “human rights,” “labor practices,” “the environment,” and “ethical matters.”

In order to be a company with deeper, broader, and longer relationships with each customer for a long time, all employees of the Wacoal Group will think about the customers and the future and continue to endeavor to make a significant leap in the future. Furthermore, we will continually strive to become “Global Wacoal,” which has been our vision since our foundation, and we will do our best to increase the corporate value so that we can live up to the expectations of all stakeholders.

April 2020
Hironobu Yasuhara
President and Representative Director
Wacoal Holdings Corp.
Hironobu Yasuhara