Quality and Safety

We regard "maintaining quality" and "providing security" as great social responsibilities. Wacoal has established stringent, detailed standards of quality in all its processes, from procuring raw materials to product planning, product design, and manufacturing. Creating customer satisfaction and earning their trust by offering quality products are the concepts underlying Wacoal's rigorous quality control.

The Quality Assurance Program

The Wacoal Group has been working on a quality assurance program, under which we are making efforts to enhance and maintain the high quality of products in accordance with the Basic Policy for Product Quality Improvement, to satisfy the demands of our customers and other stakeholders and earn their trust.

Quality Assurance Promotion Structure and the Functions It Plays

To promote its efforts to enhance quality assurance, the Wacoal Group has established the Quality Assurance Inquiry Committeee. Major tasks of the Committee include the establishment, revision, abolition and approval of the rules and standards concerning product quality.

Contents of Quality Assurance Program (Wacoal corp.)

Wacoal operates a quality management system aimed at “customer satisfaction” and “quality assurance”.

Safety and Quality initiatives in manufacturing

To ensure customers are happy and earn their trust, Wacoal painstakingly manufactures products to exacting standards.

Protect Personal Information

We believe that the appropriate use and protection of personal information is our social responsibility, and stipulate the following personal information policy and work for thorough compliance therewith.