The Quality Assurance Program

Wacoal's Basic Quality Assurance Policy

The Basic Quality Assurance Policy provides basic guidelines and requirements for maintaining and enhancing the quality of Wacoal Group products.

The Basic Policy for Product Quality Improvement

The Wacoal Group aims to ensure that its product quality satisfies customer demand. To this end, the officers and employees of the Wacoal Group are committed to the enhancement of product quality by adhering to the following basic policy.

  • We constantly supply products that are safe and loved by customers.
  • We pursue quality that meets the needs of the changing times.
  • We comply with laws and regulations and play fair.

The Quality Assurance Program

The Wacoal Group has been working on a quality assurance program, under which we are making efforts to enhance and maintain the high quality of products in accordance with the Basic Policy for Product Quality Improvement, to satisfy the demands of our customers and other stakeholders and earn their trust.