Group Philosophy

Our Vision

We, the employees and management of Wacoal, will maintain a refined corporate culture based on mutual trust and will continually strive to make the Company a global leader in the industry.

“With a strong desire to devote the life bestowed upon me to work for society,” Koichi Tsukamoto founded Wacoal based on the belief that “a peaceful society is one where women can express their beauty.” Calling on us to contribute to society by helping women to express their beauty, our mission remains unchanged no matter what the era and encapsulates both our existential value and starting point. In realizing our mission, business management based on mutual trust is indispensable. Across the generations, we have maintained our founder’s strong commitment to creating a company trusted by all stakeholders. Consequently, each Wacoal employee has inherited a mind-set that emphasizes mutual trust.

Our Mission

We will contribute to society by helping women to express their beauty.

It is our commitment to customers and duty as the Wacoal Group to strive toward a sustainable society while creating both “economic value” and “social value”. The principal occupation in our business leads to building a prosperous environment through contribution in creating a lively society in which women around the world can express their own beauty. By satisfying not only the demands of “safety and security” but also various societal expectations, we will continue to ensure the world's highest level of trust from customers worldwide as a culmination of creating new domains of underwear culture.

Our Value

  • Create products loved by customers
  • Develop new products that meet the needs of the times
  • Conduct business in a fair manner with a forward focus
  • Build a better Wacoal through better human resources
  • Fear not failure and boast not of success

The basic management policy describes the attitudes and conduct that all Wacoal Group employees should maintain in order to achieve the company codes and goals.
Customer consciousness evolves with the times, and demands fluctuate in turn, while societal expectations are constantly changing as well.
The basic management policy always stays abreast of these changes and teaches all employees the importance of repeatedly taking on challenges without resting on the laurels of past success.