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Wacoal Group's Basic Policies on CSR,
Relations with Stakeholders

We believe that meeting the needs and expectations of society and earning its trust are essential for the realization of sound corporate activities and sustained growth. Wacoal procures many different types of resources from society, including land,energy, personnel, and large amounts of raw materials.
However, we would be denied access to such resources if we did not have a relationship of trust with society. Accordingly, as we conduct our business activities, we will keep firmly in mind the need to consider and benefit society, without which our markets would not exist.

CSR Objectives

“Relationship of Mutual Trust with Society”

Our Policy on CSR Activities

Wacoal’s fundamental social responsibility is to manufacture products that customers love, develop products that meet current needs, and conduct business fairly to pave the way to a better future. In other words, we believe that our basic corporate social responsibility (CSR) is to build relationships of trust with customers and society through the development of businesses in an equitable manner and an uncompromising approach to manufacturing that provides customers with the products they seek.
We advance CSR initiatives based on seven basic principles and seven core subjects, all of which are in accordance with the ISO 26000 standards published in November 2010 (Japan Standards Association, 2010).Our seven basic principles are accountability, transparency, ethical behavior, respect for stakeholders’ interests, respect for the rule of law, respect for international codes of conduct, and respect for human rights. The seven core subjects are organizational governance, human rights, labor practices, the environment, fair operating practices, consumer issues, and community involvement and development.
“Our Policy on CSR Activities” (established June 2013) summarizes the guidelines we should follow in implementing our CSR activities. In addition to relevant laws and regulations, it has been prepared with respect to international codes of conduct such as the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, and the ILO Core Labour Standards.

1.Organizational governance

Wacoal shall strengthen corporate governance with the aim of earning the trust of all stakeholders by being a valuable company. Wacoal shall ensure the transparency and equitability of its business management based on respect for international standards of conduct and in accordance with sound societal norms. Further, Wacoal shall implement corporate activities that earn stakeholders' trust and enhance enterprise value by strengthening compliance and corporate governance systems and remaining accountable to stakeholders.

2.Human rights

Ever since its inception as a corporate entity, Wacoal has never rested in the mission to further business management rooted in “mutual trust” and “respect for humanity.” The Wacoal purpose is to contribute to the everyday health and affluence of each and every one of our customers through the products and services that we supply, effectively setting our sights on the realization of a sustainable society.
Wacoal recognizes that all of our business activities must be grounded in the premise of unrelenting respect for human rights. True to this stance, we pledge to fully grasp and support the following international principles and standards as the minimum tenets and benchmarks to be maintained with regard to human rights.

  • United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights
  • OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises
  • Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact
  • International Labour Organization Core Labour Standards

3.Labor practices

Based on a management philosophy that emphasizes mutual trust, Wacoal shall deepen mutual trust with employees and create workplace conditions that enable all employees to work actively and with a sense of fulfillment. Wacoal shall enhance measures aimed at creating a dynamic corporate culture by managing employees' health and safety in the workplace, training personnel, being receptive to diverse personnel and values, balancing work and private life, and building sound relationships between labor and management. In addition, Wacoal shall respect laws and regulations relating to labor, respect societal norms and international standards of conduct, establish employment regulations and other personnel regulations, and create workplaces that are comfortable to work in.

4.The environment

Wacoal shall promote environment-friendly business activities reflecting the view that protecting the environment is a corporate responsibility. Wacoal shall provide products that place little burden on the environment and prevent pollution by pursuing environment-friendly initiatives in a variety of processes related to products, from design and materials development through to manufacturing, distribution, and sales. Also, Wacoal shall adhere to environmental laws and regulations and its independent management standards, heighten employees' environmental awareness through education, and cooperate with and contribute to environmental preservation activities. Moreover, Wacoal shall disclose to the general public the progress of initiatives based on its environmental policies and other environmental preservation initiatives and advance initiatives that are integrated with society.

5.Fair operating practices

The cooperation of business partners and various suppliers, contractors, and plants supports Wacoal's manufacturing and sales activities and enables it to provide products customers love.
Wacoal shall respect international standards of conduct and adhere to laws and regulations and sound corporate ethics to ensure that it engages in fair business transactions and conducts business in a fair and open manner. Specifically, Wacoal shall comply with the Antimonopoly Act, the Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, etc. to Subcontractors, the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations, the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, and the Unfair Competition Prevention Act; protect and use its intellectual property rights; and rigorously respect the intellectual property rights of others. In conjunction with these activities, Wacoal shall educate employees about these issues.

6.Consumer issues (responding to customers)

Wacoal believes valuing each customer and responding to customer feedback sincerely is a duty and the key to earning trust. Accordingly, Wacoal shall learn from customer feedback and reflect it in products and services to provide products and services customers love. Wacoal shall ensure the quality of all operations involved in product lifecycles rigorously, including research and development, product planning, manufacturing, sales, distribution, and customer support. In these efforts, Wacoal shall protect customer's rights, comply with laws and regulations related to consumer protection, and provide safety and peace of mind. Furthermore, through its website and other media, Wacoal shall disclose a wide range of information to customers and promote fair activities.

7.Community involvement and development

Wacoal regards contributing to the development of local communities as an important social responsibility. With a view to developing local communities, Wacoal shall capitalize on the unique expertise and culture it has cultivated to benefit society at large, implement social initiatives that it is uniquely capable of realizing, respect relationships with stakeholders, and deepen communication with them.
Also, in each of the regions where it has businesses Wacoal shall respond to society's requests and expectations and contribute to society in areas where Wacoal can bring strengths to bear.

Relations with Stakeholders

All of our business activities are built on trust with a variety of stakeholders. We believe that only by meeting the expectations of all stakeholders through our business activities can we build "mutual trust," leading to increased trust and confidence in our company. The Wacoal Group defines its stakeholders as customers, shareholders/investors, business partners, employees and their families, local communities, NPOs and NGOs, and governments.


We will pursue true customer satisfaction by providing high-quality products and services that place customer satisfaction, safety and peace of mind first.

■Shareholders and Investors

We will conduct sound and transparent management and continuously heighten shareholder value through our business activities.

■Business Partners

We aim to achieve sustained business development through fair transactions with our suppliers and business partners based on mutual trust.

■Employees and their families

We will promote internal communication and seek to develop autonomous human resources with a can-do spirit. We will also strive to create a positive and fulfilling workplace that is built on respect for human rights and mutual trust, by implementing a fair employee evaluation and compensation system.

■Local Communities

As a member of the community, we will actively promote communication with the local communities within which we operate, and strive to contribute to the revitalization and well-balanced development of those communities.


As a good corporate citizen, we will comply with all laws and regulations, fulfill our tax payment obligations, and cooperate to ensure the smooth running of government administration.

■NPOs and NGOs

We will participate in building a better society through continuous dialogue and cooperation with NPOs and NGOs.