IR Schedule

Information on event schedules such as analyst briefings.
(*The below schedule is subject to change without previous notice.)



Financial Results Briefing

Announcement of FY2020 results May 15, 2020
FY2020 financial results briefing (Online briefing) May 20, 2020
Announcement of FY2021 1Q results July 31, 2020
FY2021 1Q financial results briefing (Online briefing) July 31, 2020
Announcement of FY2021 2Q results October 30, 2020
FY2021 2Q financial results briefing November 4, 2020
Announcement of FY2021 3Q results (Financial results explanation video distribution) January 29, 2021
2021 Q3 Financial Results Meeting (Online) February 12, 2021

Ordinary General Meeting of shareholders

Notice of Convocation of Ordinary General Shareholders' Meeting The beginning of Jun 2020
Ordinary General meeting of shareholders The end of June 2020
Notice of Resolutions of Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting The end of June 2020

Dividend payment・Shareholder Bennefits・Business Report

FY2020 Business Report The end of June 2020
Start date of payment of Year-end dividend Around June 2020
Fixed Date of Interim Dividend Payout The end of September 2020
FY2021 Business Report The end of November 2020
Start date of payment of interim dividend Around December 2020
Fixed Date of Year-end Dividend Payout The end of March 2021

IR Tools

Fisical Year Annual Securities Report The end of June 2020
Quarterly Securities Report(1Q) August 2020
Integrated Report September 2020
Annual Handbook (Publication canceled) September 2020
Quarterly Securities Report(2Q) November 2020
Quarterly Securities Report(3Q) February 2021