What types of business does the Wacoal Group conduct?

Wacoal's mainstay business is the manufacture, wholesale and direct sales to consumers (for some products) of intimate apparel (mainly women's foundation garments, lingerie, nightwear and children's underwear), outerwear, sportswear, and other textile products and accessories.
In addition Wacoal runs other business related to Food, culture, services, and interior furnishing of shops.
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When was Wacoal founded?

Wacoal was founded in July 15, 1946.
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What is the origin of the "Wacoal" corporate name?

Before the company became Wacoal, its name was Wako Shoji and it used a clover for its trademark. When redesigning this trademark, the company decided to add an additional Chinese character to the two characters for wako (which contained a reference to the founder’s hometown) to signify a desire to ensure the company continued into the future. Together, in Japanese these characters could be pronounced wacoal. And given that this trademark started to take root among consumers, the company also changed its name (trading name) to Wacoal in 1957.

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What does the symbol mark mean?

The design of Wacoal’s “fashion flower” symbol features a W for Wacoal and represents a blossoming future. The symbol incorporates flowing lines that form a blossoming flower and create an elegant and fashionable feminine image.


What is the Wacoal Group's corporate philosophy and management policy?

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What are the Wacoal Group's mid-term business strategies?

Wacoal shall continue to work as a group and strengthen its initiatives towards achieving its future goal of becoming a truly global company.
We shall take our business forward and secure a high level of trust from our global shareholders, investors, customers, and other shareholders not only in terms of our group's products and services but also in terms of our initiatives towards tackling issues faced by society.

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What initiatives is Wacoal taking in corporate governance and internal control?

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What is Wacoal's commitment to sustainability?

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When is the end of Wacoal's fiscal year? What is Wacoal's schedule for announcing its business results?

We disclose quarterly consolidated results.
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Where can I find the most recent financial information about Wacoal?

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How can I get the latest Annual Report?

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Stock Information

What is Wacoal's shareholder return policy?

Our basic policy on profit distribution to shareholders is to make stable distributions based on consideration of our consolidated performance, while seeking to increase our enterprise value through active investment aimed at higher profitability and to increase net income per share.

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How do I purchase Wacoal stock?

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What is Wacoal's stock code? Is Wacoal listed on an overseas market?

It is 3591.
Wacoal’s affiliates Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited (Thailand) and Shinyoung Wacoal Inc. (South Korea) are both listed on the stock exchanges in their respective countries.

What is the minimum number of stocks allowed per trade?

It is 100.

When is the stockholder fixed day for dividend payment?

The stockholder fixed day for fiscal year-end dividend payment is March 31, and that for interim payment is September 30.

Is there a shareholder benefit system?

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