Monthly Sales Data

Overview of Feb. 2021

1. Wacoal(Japan) Sales Summary (Feb. 2021)

Wholesale Business

Store-based sales results for February were impacted by a decrease in the number of customers visiting stores as people refrained from going out in response to the state of emergency extension. Results are as follows on a YoY basis: department stores 83%, Wacoal brand at mass retailers 92%, Wing brand 93%, and undergarment specialty stores 95%. Improvements have made progress since January; however, business continues to struggle, especially at urban stores. Additionally, February sales (deliveries*) for the wholesale business did not achieve plan targets and also came in at a low level of 72% YoY (reference: 70% vs two years ago). This was due to sluggish store sales and mass retailers demonstrating restraint towards their inventories as the end of the fiscal year approaches, which significantly impacted the delivery volumes.
By product, though the Wacoal brand “Wakisukiri Munefukura Ribbon Bras,” “Night Up Bras,” and “Salute” performed well, other products such as the comfort brassiere “GOCOCi” struggled. Regarding the Wing brand, the “Skima Fit Bra” and the new girdle “Curvy Hip” performed well; however, underwear and other items struggled.
Additionally, sales through our company’s EC platform for brands we are deploying through the wholesales business (Wacoal, Wing, etc.) increased to 126% YoY.
(*Figures include EC sales on our own company’s platform for brands distributed in the wholesale business).

Retail Business

For the retail store business* in February, though sales were on a recovery trend from January, stores in commercial facilities in urban areas struggled, and results came in at 90% YoY, below plan targets (reference: vs two years ago, 91%).
For the flagship shop Amphi, stores operating mainly in train station buildings and fashion buildings in large cities struggled. On the other hand, it was a good month for acquiring new customers. For factory stores, the number of customers visiting the stores has been on a recovery trend since the latter part of February. However, this could not make up for the struggles in the first half of the month; thus, results were weak.
Conversely, EC-based sales for directly-operated brands (Amphi, etc.) increased significantly, coming in at 203% YoY. This was due to an improvement in the ratio of new customers registering their fitting history via the customer service video app at the stores and the success of driving customers to our own EC site through strategic measures.
However, this did not make up for the decline in sales at physical stores, and overall sales were below what they were for the same period last year.
(*Figures include EC sales on our own company’s platform for brands distributed in the retail store business)

Amphi shops: Existing stores 84%, new stores 86%
Factory stores: Existing stores 81%, new stores 84%

Waocoal's Own EC Site

Sales on our own EC platform came in at 145% YoY, continuing to maintain high growth (reference: vs two years ago, 167%).
(Includes sales on our own company’s EC platform for brands distributed through wholesale and retail channels)

As a result of the above, Wacoal sales were 75% on a YoY basis (reference: vs two years ago: 73%).

2. Peach John (Japan) Sales Summary (Feb. 2021)

Due to the success of highly topical sales promotions and the continuing strong performance of our own EC platform, sales for Peach John’s domestic business came in at 121% YoY (reference: vs two years ago 147%).
Regarding our own EC platform, customers continued to increase from the previous month, and main products drove sales, producing results of 147% YoY. For the physical store business, the number of store visitors increased in part due to the effects of sales promotion measures, and sales achieved their plan targets, coming in at 104% YoY. Concerning EC sites of other companies, some clients struggled; thus, results came in under plan.

Overseas operations (store situation) are as follows.
Shanghai PJ: 145%
Partly due to product measures, stores performed well. For EC, customer numbers decreased, so the plan was not achieved; however, sales rose on a YoY basis.
PJ Hong Kong: 220%
Product and promotion measures in line with Chinese New Year were successful, resulting in significantly higher sales on a YoY basis.
Taiwan PJ: 151%
In addition to favorable sales of main products, store visitors recovered due to an increase in the number of people going out because of Chinese New Year, resulting in strong store sales performance. Results came in higher vs both the plan and on a YoY basis.

3. Wacoal(Overseas)Sales Summary (Feb. 2021)

Though sales through our own EC platform were strong, store-based sales were sluggish due to the impact of a major cold wave; thus, Wacoal America sales for February fell significantly below both the plan and on a year-over-year (YoY) basis. Regarding IO Inc. (LIVELY), sales exceed both the plan and those achieved in the same month of the previous year, partly due to contributions from initial deliveries made to new vendors starting sales. Furthermore, the purchase ratio and average customer spending levels remained high.
As a result of the above, sales for Wacoal International (IO Inc. and Wacoal America total) were 83% on a year-over-year (YoY) basis, which is a decline of 17%.

Due to the impact of lockdowns in major cities in Europe and the UK, February sales for Wacoal Europe fell on a YoY basis. In the UK, retail stores other than those dealing with daily necessities were closed, and stay-at-home orders were in effect in several countries on the European continent. As a result of the above, sales for Wacoal Europe fell below plan, coming in at 68% YoY, a decrease of 32%.

February sales for Wacoal China outperformed significantly on a YoY basis, coming in at 647% (reference: vs the same month two years ago 124%). In some regions, stores were closed due to the re-emergence of COVID-19; however, sales at physical stores and on the EC platform during the Chinese New Year holiday contributed positively, and overall sales exceeded the plan. Being opposite the period one year ago when the spread of COVID-19 was seriously impacting sales also contributed to the YoY outperformance this month.

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FY2021/3 (Wacoal China FY2022/3)

Net sales (Year on Year Change %)
Peach John
Wacoal International
Wacoal Europe
Apr. 28 81 53 27
May 50 93 63 45
Jun. 84 132 73 80
1Q 53 103 53 50
Jul. 96 139 121 76
Aug. 80 113 81 83
Sep. 74 91 97 87
2Q 82 114 99 81
Oct. 110 114 103 81
Nov. 99 123 113 93
Dec. 104 123 117 85
3Q 105 120 110 86
Jan. 80 109 107 64
Feb. 75 121 83 68
Annual total 79 113 92 71
Wacoal China
(Fiscal year ends in December)
Jan. 83
Feb. 647
Annual total 153
  • *Wacoal International, Wacoal Europe, Wacoal China, Year-on-year comparison is based on local currency.
Wholesale Business Retail Business Mail-Order Business
Department Stores GMS, Supermarket Innerwear Specialty Stores Sports Chains/Specialty Stores *1 Catalog mail‐order Waocoal's Own EC Site Third Party EC Sites *2
Wacoal Brand Wing Brand
Apr. 13 29 33 28 28 22 79 176 87
May 27 52 60 39 38 39 118 206 123
Jun. 89 106 109 85 63 102 103 185 127
1Q 43 64 68 55 44 56 97 191 113
Jul. 80 77 79 110 65 99 80 142 106
Aug. 78 112 99 101 68 96 52 157 109
Sep. 64 58 62 78 53 92 89 134 95
2Q 73 79 78 96 62 96 74 144 103
Oct. 106 118 121 95 62 101 102 129 127
Nov. 85 116 106 94 64 92 110 158 118
Dec. 85 86 90 96 71 85 121 179 130
3Q 91 106 104 95 66 91 109 156 125
Jan. 67 84 84 98 53 67 139 138 130
Feb. 83 92 93 95 58 90 90 145 101
Annual total 70 83 83 84 56 80 96 159 113
  • *1Sports Chains/Specialty Stores: Sportswear, etc.
  • *2Third Party EC Sites: EC businesses of underwear stores, EC specialized merchandizers, etc.