Risk Management

We promote risk management, based on the belief that it is important not only to respond to emergencies that have a significant impact on corporate activities, but also to prevent various business risks and take measures to reduce or avoid them.

System for promoting Risk management

We promote the establishment of a risk management system, and regularly share information, identify issues, and resolve issues.

Fair Trade and Competition

We shall respect international standards of conduct and adhere to laws and regulations and sound corporate ethics to ensure that it engages in fair business transactions and conducts business in a fair and open manner.

CSR procurement based on mutual trust and cooperation

We will continue proactive efforts, while believing that we will be able to maximize the common interests of manufacturing outsourcees and our company and contribute to the sustainable growth of both parties, by living up to social expectations, and promoting the CSR procurement together with manufacturing outsourcees based on the policies of mutual trust and cooperation.

Respect for property rights

As the importance of intellectual property protection increases, we are promoting initiatives to respect property rights.

Protect Personal Information

Business Continuity Plan

We have established a basic policy on BCP and are working to restore our business as soon as possible