Fair Trade and Competition

"Corporate Ethics"

The Wacoal Group's conduct and ethics code, "Corporate Ethics" Wacoal's Action Agenda,explicitly stipulates that we must "stick to the high road of business." It provides guiding principles to be followed in our daily business activities, in particular, applicable laws and regulations to comply with in manufacturing and marketing activities.

(Partial excerpt from "Corporate Ethics")

We value the Wacoal brand, with quality as our top priority.

Wacoal’s strength lies in quality, for which our products are loved and acclaimed by our customers. Quality takes precedence over everything else, and we will make continuous efforts to maintain the customer confidence in Wacoal Quality we have nurtured thus far. As a brand represents a company’s integrated efforts based on its corporate philosophy and vision, we also strive to maintain and enhance brand loyalty as our top priority.

We plan, develop, manufacture and sell safe products.

Customer satisfaction is the underlying idea behind our product development and manufacturing. We test the quality of our products according to strict Wacoal standards, in addition to JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) and other required legal standards. It is incumbent on us to plan, develop and produce safe products from the perspective of customers.

We abide by antitrust laws.

Wacoal’s Action Agenda declares that we abide by antitrust laws. As part of our efforts to ensure all applicable laws are followed, we compiled a manual for compliance with antitrust laws in 1992. Its main purpose is to increase the effectiveness of the Action Agenda. Our efforts have also been devoted to ensuring that our daily business activities are carried out in accordance with the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations, and the Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc., to Subcontractors.

We follow free market competition rules.

We prohibit our employees from slandering our competitors and collecting information in an unfair manner. We never allow our employees to obtain our competitors’ confidential information from their employees or business partners, using unlawful means such as trespassing, eavesdropping or bribes.

We respect our business partners and suppliers, and choose suppliers in a fair manner.

It is our policy to form a symbiotic and respectful relationship with our business partners and suppliers in order to enhance our customers’ quality of life. We deal with our business partners and suppliers in a fair manner. We prohibit our employees from taking advantage of our strong position to do business with suppliers, and from unreasonably refusing to receive products delivered by suppliers or returning delivered products to suppliers. Moreover, it is expressly forbidden to present or accept cash or gifts of value.

We never engage in speculative transactions.

With “safe investment of surplus funds” as our basic fund management policy, we never engage in speculative behaviors. We have established the Fund Management Risk Control Regulations, aimed at reducing investment risk and securing stable profits.

We firmly reject demands from antisocial individuals or organizations.

We never accede to antisocial demands for money. We firmly reject any demands from antisocial forces or organizations that pose a threat to social order or security.

Official announcement of "Declaration of Partnership Building"

In support of the "Council on Promoting Partnership Building for Cultivating the Future" promoted by the Cabinet Office, the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency (SMEA), and other organizations, we are officially announcing a "Declaration of Partnership Building" to promote cooperation and co-prosperity with supply chain suppliers and businesses seeking to create value, and to declare the building of new partnerships.

Applicable to: Wacoal Corp., Wacoal Distribution Corp.

Prohibition of Workplace Discrimination

Wacoal's Action Agenda explicitly prohibits workplace discrimination.
Every individual must be treated fairly at work. We will not engage in or support unlawful discrimination on the grounds of nationality, race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, ancestry, national origin, intellectual or physical disability, health problem, or position within the company. Violators will be severely penalized.

Regulations for Preventing Insider Trading

Wacoal has established the Regulations for Preventing Insider Trading, a code of conduct on the appropriate management of important information on Wacoal Holdings Corp., its subsidiaries and other companies, to which Wacoal's officials and employees are exposed in performing their duties. While abiding by the Financial Instruments Act and other applicable laws and regulations, as well as these Regulations for Preventing Insider Trading, we strive to prevent insider trading by promoting appropriate management of important information and designating a responsible person for information security.

Corporate Ethics Hotline

We have set up a corporate ethics hotline system that enables employees to report any deviation from Wacoal's Action Agenda. They can also freely use the hotline when they have any questions or when they find it difficult to solve a problem in the workplace. We believe that this basic system will help prevent potential violations and minimize the legal responsibility of or damage to Wacoal and offenders. All information provided is treated as strictly confidential, and we never allow whistle-blowers or other reporters to be treated unfavorably or unfairly.

Ethics Violations and Penalties

Employees who violate Wacoal's Action Agenda will be punished appropriately in line with our company's regulations. If a corporate official is an ethics violator, he or she will be penalized in accordance with the Companies Act and the Board of Directors' regulations.