Guidelines for the Actions of Officers and Employees

Guidelines for the Actions of Officers and Employees toward the Achievement of the Wacoal Group's "Mission" and "VISION 2030"

"Think about the happiness of others"

Do you consider the happiness of people around you, including the customers, suppliers, and employees coworker you work with?

"Embrace curiosity and use all five senses"

Have you noticed or discovered anything new lately?

"Consider the reason and purpose"

Do you understand the true meaning and root cause; why and what for?

"Respect diverse opinions"

Do you listen to people's opinions with humility and have constructive discussions without making assumptions?

"Make decisions for the future"

Do you act not only for immediate results, but also for a successful future?

"Give it a try first"

Do you give up out of fear of risks? Do you support people who take on challenges?

"Work together"

Do you strive for great success through teamwork and collaboration?

"Act with honesty and responsibility"

Do you communicate appreciation for others? Do you have blameless problem-solving approach?