Environmental Policies and Environmental Targets

Environmental Policies

Considering that preservation of the global environment is a corporate responsibility in global business activities, Wacoal will promote the conservation of the planetary environment, in line with a spirit of "mutual trust" for harmony with the society and our motto :
"Promise of Environmental Preservation for Next Generations, Their Smiles, and Beautiful Earth".

  • We will reduce environmental loads generated from business activity processes through business improvement operations and make efforts for prevention of environmental pollution.
  • Establishing environmental targets focusing on the following items, we will try to accomplish the targets based on environmental management systems.
    • Energy conservation, resources saving, and reduction of CO2 emissions
    • Waste reduction and recycling
    • Development of products and technologies that are kind to people and environment
    • Purchase of product materials, materials and office supplies that are kind to people and environment
  • We will comply with environmental laws and ordinances, and our voluntary management standards.
  • We will raise our employees' environmental awareness through ecological education and make efforts to be able to cooperate and contribute to environmental preservation activities as a member of local communities.
  • We will disclose our environmental policies and approaches to environmental preservation, aiming at preserving the environments through wide-ranging social partnerships.

Wacoal Holdings Corp.
April 2009

Environmental Targets

In accordance with our environmental policies, we prepare a medium-term environmental action plan every three years and conduct environmental management initiatives in a planned, systematic way to achieve the targets set out in the plan.

Medium-Term Environmental Action Plan (April 2019-March 2022)

  • Implementation of environmental improvement through business improvement
  • Thorough management of CO2 emissions
    ...Maintaining CO2 emissions of 6,300 tons
  • Promote green purchasing
    ...Management of ISO, KES, and other certification status of suppliers
  • Continued efforts to reduce waste, conserve energy, and resources
    ...Maintenance of a 94% recycling rate
    ...Reduction of OA paper use
  • Thorough environmental risk management
    ...Manage and dispose of PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl) waste appropriately.
  • Promotion of understanding and compliance of applicable laws and regulations
  • Disclose environmental information.
    ...Disclose environmental information on Wacoal Holdings' website
  • Raise employees' environmental awareness through environmental education.
    ...Continue conducting environmental education for employees.
  • Cooperate in and contribute to preservation of the local environment as member of the local community.
    ...Conduct cleanup and beautification initiatives near Group buildings.
    ...Promote creation of networks among operating bases and local communities.
  • Developing environmentally friendly products