Environmental Conservation Efforts

The Advancement of Modal Shift

Wacoal Distribution Corp. is advancing modal shift (the conversion of the modes of transportation for freight and other goods) with a view to compensating for the serious shortage of truck drivers; ensuring the delivery of products when there are disasters or other emergencies through the diversification of delivery routes; and being environment friendly. In April 2014, we switched the transportation of goods for sale at department stores in the Tokyo metropolitan area from trucks to railways.
Also, since May 2016 we have been transporting goods for sale in Sapporo, Hokkaido, via ferries that operate on routes in the Sea of Japan. These initiatives are helping to reduce the CO2 emissions produced when our goods are transported.

Modal shift benefits
CO2 emissions 1/8 of truck
transportation CO2 emissions

Solar Power Generation System

Wacoal Distribution Corp. has introduced a solar power generation system to promote corporate environmental activities and reduce power consumption. Power generation capacity is 499.95kw in the polycrystallized type by KYOCERA CORP., and a solar energy power generation system will satisfy about 31% of annual usage in the 2019 fiscal year, and will serve as the Shiga maximum scale as a production of electricity for enterprises.

Installation site: Roof of Wacoal Distribution's West Distribution Center

  • Roof of Wacoal Distribution's West Distribution Center(1-1 Chishiro-cho, Moriyama-shi, Shiga Prefecture, Japan)
  • The rooftop installation promises to heighten the efficiency of the insulation and air-conditioning of the operating base's fifth floor.

System Overview

  • Maximum instantaneous generation capacity: 499.95kw (208.4w per sheet × 2,399 sheets / 3,782m2)
  • The annual self-usage in the 2019 fiscal year: 426,417kwh (a)
  • Total annual power consumption: 1,391,875kwh (b)

In the power generation amount of the 2019 fiscal year, fulfilling the (a / b) about 31% of the annual usage. Unused surplus power of the holiday was purchased by power companies.

Acquisitions of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard and the Kyoto Environmental Management System Standard (KES) Certifications

Companies with ISO 14001 environmental management system certification

Japan Wacoal Corp., Wacoal Service Co., Ltd., Unenana Cool Corp., Wacoal Distribution Corp., and Kyushu Wacoal Manufacturing Corp.
Overseas Guangdong Wacoal Inc. and Vietnam Wacoal Corp.

Companies with KES environmental management system Certification

Niigata Wacoal Sewing Corp., Hokuriku Wacoal Sewing Corp., Torica Co., Ltd., and Lecien Corporation

Brassiere Recycling Activities

Questionnaires revealed that some customers find disposing of brassieres problematic. In response, Wacoal began collecting unneeded brassieres from customers in 2008. (In fiscal 2019, we collected unneeded brassieres from customers between December 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019.)
The collected brassieres and the sealed recycling bags containing them are processed into RPF (Refuse Paper & Plastic Fuel)

Number of Brassieres Collected

(First campaign)
2018/3 2019/3 Cumulative total
30,000 279,000 265,000 2,241,000