Cultural Activities


Wacoal Studyhall Kyoto was established on October 6, 2016 on the first and second floors of the Wacoal New Kyoto Building near the Hachijoguchi Exit of Kyoto Station as a "future study space to enjoy an aesthetic curiosity." This space offers a school for studying under the guidance of an instructor, a library & co-working space for independent study and reading materials, and a gallery for experiencing art through exhibits, etc. in collaboration with the school. Wacoal Studyhall Kyoto provides an opportunity for acquiring knowledge related to beauty and for sharing values while refining sensibility.
Instead of using a "teacher-student" relationship, the school holds classes based on subjective study in which participants cooperate for mutual growth. Classes undertake a multifaceted examination of beauty under the three themes of "body," "sensibility," and "society." The library & co-working space feature a collection of materials with a high-degree of relation to beauty from around the world. Materials were selected by book director Yoshitaka Haba, thus realizing a members-only space in which books are used as an information tool for creating new things. Not only as being a space for reading books, it can also be used for independent study. In order to constantly fulfilling women's desire for beauty, in addition to delivering beauty through products, the space seeks to realize beauty in society and inner qualities such as sensibility and knowledge. To achieve this goal, the space utilizes accumulated know-how and the broad Wacoal network to collect and disseminate a wide range of information on beauty.

The Kyoto Costume Institute (KCI)

The Kyoto Costume Institute (KCI) was established in 1978 under the full support of Wacoal. Its aim is to collect, preserve, research and present to the public the historical costumes and accessories of Western Europe and explore the future of fashion and clothing culture.
The KCI boasts of a collection of more than 30,000 items, including historic costumes, literature, posters, and fashion plates. In particular, many 18th- and 19th-century costumes have suffered severe deterioration. Such collection is stored in a climate-controlled environment where the temperature and humidity are maintained at a constant level and, as necessary, they are repaired and mended. The KCI's costume exhibitions, which present the Institute's research results, have been invited to many foreign cities, including Paris, New York, Los Angeles, serving as a bridge for the promotion of international cultural exchanges.


In 1985, Wacoal Corporation opened SPIRAL, a complex of cultural facilities, in Aoyama, Tokyo, with the aim of bringing together life and art. A major feature of the building is Spiral Hall, in which a variety of events are held - ranging from dramas, plays and music concerts to symposia and art shows. While providing many opportunities for young artists to make presentations, SPIRAL has also worked with such young artists to develop diverse cultural projects.
SPIRAL also accommodates a contemporary art gallery, a household goods market, a café, a restaurant and a beauty salon. As a communication hub for cultural information, it provides visitors with the unique experience of enjoying a comfortable blend of everyday life and art, attracting attention and interest from various quarters. Through cultural activities at SPIRAL, Wacoal will continue to propose a life enriched by art to society.

Breast Research Association

Wacoal has supported the activities of the Breast Research Association established in 1991. In the Association, medical, biological, social science, psychological and other specialists work together to address various issues concerning the "psychological" and "physical" aspects of femininity, symbolized by the female breast. Since its founding, the Association has continued proactive activities to deepen understanding of the role of women in society by releasing its research findings and holding discussions on breast-related issues.

Sports Activities

Wacoal formed the women's track and field team "Spark Angels," aiming to provide aspiring female athletes with opportunities to demonstrate their abilities and compete energetically and successfully. For more than 30 years since its formation, Spark Angels members have taken part in the Olympic Games and other sporting events held in Japan and abroad, achieving good track records. Wacoal, as a company in empathetic to women, will continue to make efforts to convey the virtues of sports and the beauty of women who are active in the sporting arena.