Manufacturing / Quality Control

For Wacoal, “product quality preservation” is part of the value that it provides and a significant social responsibility.
The quality of our products is supported by the handwork of highly skilled sewing personnel with years of experience and a quality control system that sets and ensures the implementation of stringent, painstaking standards for all processes, from material procurement through to production.

The provision of reliability and safety

  • Advanced sewing skills
  • A unique quality control system
Brassiere production process

For factory environments and all processes through to shipping, we have established requirements for checking frequencies and methods and set standards for quality control.

To ensure that we provide customers with safe, quality products, we have prepared original guidelines and rules for specific types of products and materials. As well as checking the durability of products, we test their individual components.

Number of items checked in basic quality testing
150for each product variety
Number of types of stipulations and guidelines on the functional quality of materials and products
Total number of meetings of the Quality Assurance Inquiry Committee and the Quality Control Committee per year