Product Planning

With the aim of helping women to express their beauty while catering to their current needs, more than 200 Wacoal innerwear designers use creativity and physique measurement data to realize products that afford wearers physical and emotional comfort.
By repeatedly cycling through a process of fittings, analysis, and improvements, we realize optimal wearing comfort and figure enhancement.

A passion for manufacturing

  • Unique designing for optimal wearing comfort
  • An integrated manufacturing system responsive to market feedback

Brassiere planning process

There is no dedicated institution for training innerwear designers.
For this reason, Wacoal develops and hones the skills of designers in-house. Our investment in fostering personnel able to create products loved by customers is a source of differentiation and competitive superiority.

Total number of fittings*1
Total number of prototype analyses*2

  • *1 Fittings at the basic analysis and mass production analysis stages for Wacoal brand products in each season

  • *2 Basic analyses and mass production analyses for Wacoal brand products in each season