Research & Development

The findings of the Human Science Research Center form the basis of our creation of beauty. To realize products loved by customers, the center researches and formulates theories on beauty, comfort, and health in relation to women’s physiques.
The data that the center has accumulated over 55 years underpins our businesses. Wacoal leverages the data not only to develop new products but also to maintain quality and make forays into new business fields.

A scientific perspective supporting beauty creation

  • Abundant physique measurement data
  • Accumulated knowledge of the Human Science Research Center

Number of people from whom we have gathered physique measurement data
Number of people from whom we gather physique measurement data on a continuous basis (every five years)

Number of coordinate values measured by our 3D measuring equipment

Every year, the Human Science Research Center takes the measurements of about 1,000 people. Moreover, some of these subjects conclude monitor contracts for product development cooperation.
Monitors participate in trial fittings and other product evaluation activities as required.

The Main Activities of the Human Science Research Center

1. Physique research

  • Shape research

  • Movement research

  • Sensation physiology research

2. Product evaluation research

  • Apparel pressure balance evaluation

  • Figure enhancement evaluation

  • Muscle fatigue evaluation

3. New product development

  • Innerwear with new functionality

  • Sportswear

  • Footwear, etc.