Policy regarding Cross-shareholdings and Criteria for Exercising Voting Rights

Policy regarding cross-shareholdings

In order to enhance our medium- to long-term corporate value, we may hold shares of other companies as cross - shareholdings for the purpose of maintaining and enhancing our transactional relationships, building, maintaining and enhancing our cooperative and transactional relationships for business expansion, or maintaining stable financial transactions.
From the perspective of improving asset efficiency, we have decided to reduce our overall cross-shareholdings by over 15.0 billion yen by the end of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2025, and to reduce the ratio of policy shareholdings to net assets to 15% or less.

Examination regarding cross-shareholdings

We will examine whether the purpose of a cross -shareholding is appropriate from a medium- to long-term perspective and whether the benefit and risks related to such cross-shareholding are appropriate given the capital cost, and will report to the Board of Directors on a periodic basis. The Board of Directors will assess whether such shareholding contributes to the enhancement of our medium - to long-term corporate value based on the outcome of such examination, and will decide on whether to continue the cross-shareholding or to dispose of such shares. If our holding of any shares loses its significance, we will dispose of and reduce as appropriate our holding of such shares after considering the circumstances of the issuer The Board of Directors will examine the significance on each individual company.
During the current medium-term management plan (from the fiscal year ending March 2023 to the fiscal year March 2025), we initially decided to reduce our cross-shareholdings by at least 10 billion yen. The Board of Directors examined whether income realized from each stock holding exceeds the Company’s capital cost, and whether such crossshareholding contributes to the enhancement of our corporate value. Based on results of such examination, we disposed of and reduced a total of 7 stocks that had diluted value amounting to approximately 4.0 billion yen during the current fiscal year. And we have decided to raise our reduction of cross-shareholdings target to 15.0 billion yen.

Criteria for exercising voting rights

In voting any of the shares held for cross-shareholding purposes as to any agenda item, we will determine whether or not to vote in favor of such agenda item after closely examining comprehensively whether the relevant vote would contribute to the enhancement of the issuer’s and our corporate value, while fully respecting the issuer’s management policy. A close due diligence review will be performed in case an issuer releases Updated losses for certain consecutive periods, its shareholder value is significantly damaged as a result of reorganization, or there is a matter of serious concern regarding the issuer’s corporate governance such as a corporate scandal.

Reference: Shareholdings of Wacoal Corp.

  2020/3 2021/3 2022/3 2023/3
Number of stocks 84 73 63 59
Monetary amount (¥ billion) 42.2 50.1 46.0 44.0
As a percentage of total assets 15.2% 15.5% 15.2% 15.4%
Note: The shareholdings of Wacoal Corp. for which the largest monetary amount is recognized on the balance sheets in relation to investment in equity securities (the monetary amount of equity securities recognized) have been stated.
Note: Percentage is calculated based on total assets in accordance with IFRS from the fiscal year ending March 31, 2023 onward.