Policy on Strategic Shareholdings and Standards for Exercising Voting Rights

The purpose of the Company’s strategic shareholdings is to enhance enterprise value over the medium-to-long term by maintaining and strengthening transactional relationships; establishing, maintaining, and strengthening cooperative and transactional relationships with respect to business development; and maintaining stable financial transactions. Whether strategic shareholdings are appropriate from a medium- to long-term perspective and whether the attendant benefits and risks of strategic shareholdings commensurate with equity cost are verified, and the findings are periodically reported to the Board of Directors. Based on the verification findings, the Board of Directors analyzes whether strategic shareholdings contribute to the enhancement of the Company’s enterprise value over the medium-to-long term and decides whether to continue or dispose of strategic shareholdings. Taking into consideration the circumstances of its partner companies, the Company steadily disposes of or reduces strategic shareholdings whose significance has lessened.
Regarding the exercise of the voting rights of strategic shareholdings, the Company affords due respect to the management strategies of investee companies and decides whether or not to vote in favor of proposals based on comprehensive consideration of whether they contribute to the enhancement of the enterprise value of both said companies and the Company.

Reference: Shareholdings of Wacoal Corp.

  FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Number of stocks 107 97 95
Monetary amount (¥ billion) 587 674 608
As a percentage of total assets 19.9% 22.6% 21.6%
Note: The shareholdings of Wacoal Corp. for which the largest monetary amount is recognized on the balance sheets in relation to investment in equity securities (the monetary amount of equity securities recognized) have been stated.