Focus Areas of Our Initiatives

Human Resources

Development of Human Resources with a View to Enhancing Corporate Value

We believe that our development as a company is dependent upon efforts to enhance the qualifications of each employee.Based on this belief and with the aim of fostering personnel who can put our management philosophy into practice, we provide and conduct training programs that support the development of employees’ careers and professional skills. We also assist in career and personal development through programs supporting employees’ self-study.
In addition, we conduct human resources development based on the skills required in particular fields. For example, we provide training on maintaining and enhancing the quality of Wacoal products as well as programs aimed at promoting customer satisfaction by heightening employees’ consultative capabilities. Other key initiatives include passing on our highly competitive manufacturing techniques and enhancing quality and productivity on a global basis by providing support and direction through technical experts dispatched from Japan to overseas factories.

New Personnel Development System

With the aims of fostering autonomous, innovative personnel who can put its management philosophy into practice and creating a culture conducive to employees’ growth as individuals, Wacoal Corp. introduced the Wacoal Terakoya personnel development system in April 2019. The new system helps employees take the initiative in building their careers and continue learning by offering a wider selection of training options beyond rank-based training as well as more opportunities to volunteer as a project participant. In addition to modifying our programs to increase the focus on productivity and practical training, we are conducting joint training with other companies to expose employees to diverse viewpoints. By fostering personnel who are able to create new value through the implementation of our management philosophy, we will sustain growth in a changing business environment.

Highlights of Our Human Resources Development Programs

Program Aim Annual number of participants Period/No. of hrs. of training per person
Rank-Based Training Helps employees understand the roles and the mindset expected of them in new ranks or positions and gives employees an opportunity to consider their career plans in the context of the Company’s strategies 651 1–6 days
(Differs according to employee rank)
Business Skills Enables employees to learn the skills needed by businesspeople through exchanges with personnel inside and outside the Company and to acquire universal business skills usable inside and outside the Company 96 7.5 hours
Wacoal Academy Shares in-house knowledge, passes on knowledge, and develops organizations through training and seminars conducted by in-house and external instructors 324 7 hours or more
Global Talent Development Develops globally competent personnel who have international communication skills (the ability to execute duties, language skills, and the ability to work in and understand other cultures), underpinning the increasing globalization of the business Overseas job training 4 2 years
Overseas language training ̶* 5 months
Global mindset training 10 3.5 hours
Self-Study Supports the autonomous development and enhancement of employee capabilities by providing e-learning content that can be studied anywhere at any time Self-study support program 43 _
Distance learning / E-learning 307 _

*Program canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Relationship with Labor Union

The Wacoal Group has a labor union. The Wacoal Labor Union, organized by employees for Wacoal Corp. and some other Wacoal Group companies, is run under the union shop system. (A total of 3,592 union members as of March 31, 2020)
The preamble to Wacoal's labor agreement made between the labor and management clearly states that under a spirit of mutual trust, the development of the Wacoal Group and the improvement of working conditions for union members will be promoted through productivity enhancement. In Labor-Management Council meetings, the progress of medium-term management plans is reported and the operation of the human resources management system is checked and confirmed, thus promoting better relations between the labor and management.

Respect for Diversity:Employment of people with disabilities

Our goal is to constantly improve the working environment and provide work support by conducting training so that everyone is able to work proactively, and we also conduct individual interviews to listen to worker opinions.
In February 2018, Wacoal I Next Corp. was founded to promote the employment of people with disabilities and to create opportunities for their active participation. In December 2018, the company was certified as a special subsidiary under the Employment Promotion Act for Persons with Disabilities.
In order to flexibly promote the development of individual skills, Wacoal I Next Corp. has adopted a variety of working styles, such as "multi-tasking" where an employee is responsible for multiple tasks without setting limitations on the scope of the work, and "work sharing" where multiple employees undertake larger tasks which are divided into small segments; we aim to create a workplace where each and every employee can have a sense of fulfillment and growth.
It is necessary for a company to follow legal employment quotas; however, we don't see those as just numerical targets. Under the mutual trust established by Wacoal, we would like to contribute to the realization of a society that takes advantage of diversity by working as a group to create a workplace where everyone can play an active role for development.

Respect for Diversity:The Empowerment of Women

Respect for Diversity: Participation from senior citizens

We are introducing a system in which senior citizens can play active roles after retirement with the goal of demonstrating their rich experience and abilities, and providing job satisfaction for them.

  FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
The number of rehires* Female 97 135 160 175 232
Male 61 70 70 78 81
Total 158 205 230 253 313

*As of 1 April of each period