Focus Areas of Our Initiatives

Health and Productivity Management

Viewing the health of employees as an important asset for sustained growth, Wacoal Corp. is advancing strategies for health and productivity management through close collaboration with health insurance associations and labor unions.Covering the period through to 2020, the Wacoal GENKI Project 2020 (see Table below) establishes medium-term targets and action plans for countermeasures to lifestyle diseases, cancer, and mental health issues, and various efforts to achieve them.Moreover, these initiatives have received external recognition. Wacoal Holdings Corp. has been selected as one of the "Health and Productivity Management Organization (White 500)" for six consecutive years since 2017. In addition, we will formulate a new the Wacoal GENKI Project 2025 in 2021 and continue to work on health management.

Management of Employees' Health

To protect the safety and health of employees by preventing industrial accidents and disease, we have established Safety and Health Management Regulations and Policies, and ensure that these Regulations and Policies are understood and followed by all employees.
The Safety and Health Committee meets each month. The committee provides employees with health-related information that is pertinent to the season and implements various other activities to promote safety and health in the workplace.

Wacoal Health Insurance Union Implementing Various Health programs

Wacoal implements a health project for active health management, including disease prevention and health guidance required for maintaining good health. For example, we offer a subsidy system for examinations including breast cancer examinations, uterine cancer examinations, cervical cancer vaccinations, medical checkups, examination kits sent via mail, lung checkups, brain checkups, and PET examinations.
We place particular emphasis on encouraging employees to undergo breast cancer examinations and uterine cancer examinations, and maintain a high rate of participation in these examinations.

Health Consultation Desk (Wacoal Health Insurance Union)

The Health Development Office provides various health support services, such as first aid, regular health examinations and health guidance and counseling, to help employees work safely, comfortably and with peace of mind. These services are provided by industrial health professionals such as industrial physicians, psychiatrists, public health nurses and other registered nurses.