Our Basic Approach to Human Resources based on Diversity and Inclusion

Our Basic Approach to Human Resources

The Wacoal Group has built value chains that comprise proprietary networks, which span all stages from product planning and development through to material procurement, production, and sales. In these value chains, human resources are the Group’s most important management resource. For this reason, we believe that creating an appealing corporate culture that is employee friendly and offers job satisfaction will lead to sustained growth.

A Human Resources Strategy Based on Diversity and Inclusion

Wacoal employs and recognizes the individual differences of a wide range of people, not just in terms of race, gender,
age, or whether they have disabilities but also in terms of limitations on availability due to child-rearing or nursingcare commitments or lifestyle factors. With this in mind, we have positioned diversity and inclusion at the center of our human resources strategy with the aim of creating new value by leveraging the individuality of employees and enabling them to fully realize their talents. In accordance with this strategy, we are promoting human resources development, work-style reform, health and productivity management, and other initiatives.