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Wacoal Method

Technique and spirit shared beyond borders

Do you know where Wacoal products are made, and how they are manufactured?

Wacoal products are made almost entirely by hand, from fabric cutting and sewing to packing and inspection. The work requires tremendous attention to detail. One plant that figures into the manufacturing process in a key way is Wacoal Vietnam, established in 1997. This facility, which is of the largest class of its kind operating as a single plant unit of the Wacoal Group, is located in Bien Hoa Province, approximately one hour by car from Ho Chi Minh City, itself Vietnam's primary urban commercial center of the nation's southern region. Approximately 95% of the some 2000 of the plant's employees are from Dong Nai Province. Only two are Japanese―the President and technical advisor. By boosting local employment, we strive for an ever-better working relationship with the local community.

Wacoal product quality and pride are never compromised across borders. At the Wacoal Vietnam plant, workers are divided into approximately 60 teams who produce a myriad of items including undergarments and sportswear. By effectively implementing Japanese sewing technologies and quality control methodology, Wacoal has been able to maintain the same standard of quality deserving of the label "Made by Wacoal" regardless of country of production. Our technologies are reinforced by detailed education and training systems. Our highly enthusiastic employees, producing some 3.8 million bras annually, form the crux of our on-site operations.

The simple handing down or teaching of techniques is not sufficient: we always need innovation as well. Precisely because this is a mass-production location, we are able to facilitate the kind of technical development that would never occur with simple office work: that is generating ideas that both maintain superior quality and boost productivity rates. Our base is our 2000-strong "thinking force," and the pride that drives us to create better-and-better products with our own intelligence. Each and every one of our employees takes a serious approach to their work: thinking, planning, and constantly seeking out new ways of accomplishing our goals. This spirit of perseverance and innovation is so firmly instilled in our plant that it is now shared by everyone who works there.

At Vietnam Wacoal, we take careful steps to ensure that Wacoal's unique sewing technologies are passed on to our Vietnamese counterparts, that our employees actually enjoy the process of monozukuri by way of fine by-hand processing, and further that they develop creativity. Rooted in mutual trust beyond borders, Vietnam Wacoal forges ahead on a daily basis as a key production location critical to our success as "Wacoal of the world."